"good victory"

Good victory. That's what my name means.
I love photography, baking, reading, extreme sports, figure skating, fashion, music and traveling.

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Happy Independence Day!

Philippine Independence Proclaimed Here June 12, 1898

Aguinaldo Shrine at Kawit, Cavite

#tagaytay #panorama

Brownies and Double Chocolate Cookies #homebaked #brownies #cookies #walnut #pilinut #cashew

Awesome work by Julian Santos!
“Limning A Warrior Committing Seppuku: A Study on the Bushido and its Ligature with the Code of Kalantiaw”
Cotman Watercolors and Graphite on Hot-Pressed Arches Paper

Old Telephone inside the Malinta Tunnel (Corregidor Island)


Old Typewriter inside the Malinta Tunnel (Corregidor Island)


Marika the Ballerina

© Nicey Arafiles

The Ballerina Who Went Outdoors

© Nicey Arafiles Photography

Outdoor Ballet Barre

© Nicey Arafiles Photography

The Ballerina and the Brick Wall

© Nicey Arafiles Photography

En Pointe on Pavement

Flowers and Ballet Shoes

Envelope and card designed by Kara Pangilinan of Details Ink.

Check out the link to see more designs from the 2012 Collection.

A part of Zig and Louay’s wedding cake. More photos of the wedding will be posted soon at www.niceyarafiles.com!


Thanks to Sandra Dans for inviting me to join the team for that wedding. It’s one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to! Awesome time from preparation up to the end of the reception. :)